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My 2017 SMHAF work for Out Of Sight Out Of Mind.

Comprising of, “The Exorcism Of 2016” and “The Future Is . . .”

Crap photos by me. Awesome photos by Chris Scott.


Some thoughts on bubbles

Given the 75% of Edinburgh wanted to stay in the EU and that most of the people I know live in Edinburgh it makes it harder to find people who disagree. And as most of the Leave voters I’ve had the misfortune of meeting have been of the racist variety, why on earth would I maintain contact with them? The “bubble” concept troubles me. In my experience the people who go on about me living in a bubble or echo chamber usually have a hell of a lot more privilege than me. Maintaining contact with someone who hates PoC or immigrants or perceived immigrants is not good for my mental health. The same goes for any other minority group. It’s not like we’re hiding away from those views. We can’t. The right wing media is full of them and online comments are full of those bigoted opinions and our coworkers and random people at bus stops come out with them. We know how the rest of the country thinks. We just need to look after ourselves. So before you chastice us for choosing to live in bubbles remember this, many of us do it in order to stay alive. It’s not that we’re not open to opposing viewpoints but when those viewpoints say that we should be afforded the same rights as everyone else or shouldn’t even be allowed to live in this country or live at all then they and the people who espouse them can FUCK RIGHT OFF!

Paris, terrorism and how not to do the Daesh fuckers dirty work for them.


On terrorism and refugees.

On playing into Daesh’s hands and doing their dirty work for them. Don’t, just don’t.

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Muslims around the world are condemning Paris attacks.

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I’m sure I’ll find more to add to this.