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Coming Out As Trans: A Bloody Cliché-Ridden Story.

derek des anges

My updated passport. Note gender. My updated passport. Note gender.

That should cover the basics, I feel. I’m not a fan of making big announcements but as I made a song-and-dance about the last name change and this one is rather more important, it behoves me to at least have a hum and a shuffle about this.

For very few remaining people this will come as a surprise. The majority already know. I’m in the laborious process of flitting between private and NHS healthcare at the moment, trying to secure prescriptions and surgery, and spending a lot of my free time doing daft-looking and daft-sounding exercises to help shape my muscles and vocal chords so that strangers stop referring to me as “she” and making me feel like crap.

It should be noted that my friends have been exemplary about this, with almost no habitual slip-ups and immediate corrections. Not one of them has questioned…

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How To Make Food And Not Die If You’re Really Bad At It

I could have done with something written like this when I started university instead of that dull “Grub on a grant” book.

derek des anges

Hello, it’s summer. Soon it will be autumn again, because time moves in a linear direction, dragging us all on towards our deaths with inexorable inevitability, except David Attenborough, who is definitely never going to die. Even if the weather doesn’t acknowledge the seasons, time will pass.

So a bunch of people will in all probability be leaving for university and possibly having to cook for themselves for the first time. Or maybe you’re just… in a position now where you’re like, yeah, I should probably learn how to do the thing. I have also been there! And then I learnt how to make food and not die, which is a skill I feel I should pass on.


What shit do you absolutely definitely need?

2 x pans. Probably a frying pan and a saucepan. Get something that won’t stick to things if you can. Stainless steel…

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