I am just one story of the 8th…


Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I’ve been pregnant 10 times and I have 3 living children. I have buried 2 with their grandfather. I cannot understand why women in pregnancy need to get life threateningly sick to get access to some sort of medical intervention. I almost died two years ago from overwhelming sepsis and e-coli in my bloodstream. I would have left two children without a mother and a widower to raise them alone. I am lucky, I realise how lucky I am every single day. This is my story……

On a Friday night in June 2013 while on a weekend trip to Dublin with my son who was 3 and 19 weeks into my third pregnancy my waters broke without warning while in bed. I telephoned my local maternity hospital and they advised me to go to the nearest maternity unit in Dublin which happened to be The…

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