To Kezia Dugdale

Thank you for the begging letter asking me to sign a “togetherstronger” pledge or something.

Thank you but no. Again, no. I already told you in my last email that I was pro-IndyRef2 and pro-independence. Were you even listening? I guess not but that seems to be par for the course with Labour these days and that makes me sad.

I already told you I support IndyRef 2 when I asked you to support it. Were you even listening? I guess not. But then why would you listen to disabled person of colour who was a victim of a post-Brexit hate crime and just wants to escape from Westminster rule as they don’t seem to care about me and my European friends. Who uses human beings as bargaining chips? Terrorists and Westminster politicians. And these are the people who I feel you are backing when you say IndyRef 2 shouldn’t happen. I know where you stand now. You won’t read this but that’s ok. I’m used to being ignored. Westminster have made it very clear that disabled people and people of colour mean nothing to them and Labour’s actions have left me believing you think the same way too. I miss the old Labour party. I really do. I don’t recognise you any more.


Penny for your thoughts?

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