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To Kezia Dugdale

Thank you for the begging letter asking me to sign a “togetherstronger” pledge or something.

Thank you but no. Again, no. I already told you in my last email that I was pro-IndyRef2 and pro-independence. Were you even listening? I guess not but that seems to be par for the course with Labour these days and that makes me sad.

I already told you I support IndyRef 2 when I asked you to support it. Were you even listening? I guess not. But then why would you listen to disabled person of colour who was a victim of a post-Brexit hate crime and just wants to escape from Westminster rule as they don’t seem to care about me and my European friends. Who uses human beings as bargaining chips? Terrorists and Westminster politicians. And these are the people who I feel you are backing when you say IndyRef 2 shouldn’t happen. I know where you stand now. You won’t read this but that’s ok. I’m used to being ignored. Westminster have made it very clear that disabled people and people of colour mean nothing to them and Labour’s actions have left me believing you think the same way too. I miss the old Labour party. I really do. I don’t recognise you any more.


My response to Kezia Dugdale . . .

. . . who sent me an email saying why she thinks Scotland should stay in an abusive relationship.

To whoever reads email replies to Kezia’s “Better Together” email,

Everything changed when we were told we were being dragging out of the EU because of England and Wales. I’m a person of colour. I was assaulted three days after the EU referendum thanks to the result. It made all the racist scum think that 52% of the population agreed with them so they started attacking people like me. The attack has left me traumatised and completely terrified of this Brexit process and my attacker is still out there. It’s only going to get worse with the Tories completely in charge and the opposition so ineffectual. I’m so scared and the only people who actually seem to care are the SNP. My SNP MP has bent over backwards to help me which is more than Labour have ever done. I welcome an independent Scotland and the chance of staying in or rejoining the EU. I feel safer with SNP and EU rhetoric than with Westminster.

Yours terrifiedly,


To Theresa May

Via a Rethink Mental Illness campaign. The bit in italics is my addition. Yes, I did send it.

Dear Prime Minister,

Why do you hate mentally ill people like myself? Are you doing this to push many of us over the edge so that we won’t be such a burden on hard-working taxpayers? I used to think that sort of belief was paranoia but I’m not so sure any more. You’ll never know how terrifying that is. Believing your own government hates you so much that they’re actively reducing your support in order to encourage you to kill yourself. I guess this is what passes for Compassionate Conservativism.

I am writing to ask you to reverse the changes to Personal Independence Payment (PIP) regulations, which came into force last week.

I am deeply concerned that these changes undermine two recent Upper Tribunal rulings, which would have broadened the reach of PIP. This will prevent people with mental health conditions from accessing financial support to carry out daily tasks such as planning and making a journey – potentially risking isolation.

This is in stark contrast to your Government’s welcome commitment to delivering parity of esteem between physical and mental health.

Please will you reconsider, so that people with mental health conditions have access to the same vital financial support as those with physical disabilities?

Yours sincerely,


Updating an anxiety meme


“My anxiety: Something’s off
Me: How so?
Anxiety: Something’s wrong
Me: What?
Anxiety: Something
Me: Like can you give me a general idea?
Anxiety: Something’s off”

A friend posted this and it got me thinking. My anxiety definitely does this but it also has other methods of attack.

Like this one:

Anxiety: *snores*
Me: I’m not anxious.
Anxiety: . . . !
Me: Why am I not anxious? Actually this is rather pleasant.
Anxiety: *wakes up*
Me: Er . . .
Anxiety: Did you miss me? By the way, something’s wrong.

And this one:

Anxiety: *snores*
Me: I’m not anxious.
Anxiety: *snores*
Me: Why am I not anxious?
Anxiety: Did you say something?
Me: What have I forgotten about?
Anxiety: Panic stations! Red alert!
Me: Argh argh argh!!!

Anxiety is a nasty bugger.