Much More Than A Label – A Resource for people with Personality Disorder

In 2011 a small Lothian-based mental health independent advocacy charity, CAPS Independent Advocacy received funding to do a collective advocacy project around the diagnosis of personality disorder. This resulted in a number of outcomes:
– an advocacy group who meet regularly
– a steering group
– a two day training course which aims to educate people about Borderline Personality Disorder, teach ways of working with people who have BPD and reduce the stigma surrounding it
– a huge resource pack.

I can’t serve up the groups or the training here so here’s all nine sections of the resource pack instead.

You can download them from the CAPS personality disorder project webpage or from the links below.

(Note – On the CAPS page the second section actually links to the ninth section. I have contacted them so hopefully it will be fixed soon. I’ve posted the correct link below.)

A Resource About Personality Disorder By People With Lived Experience

1. Introduction
2. How does it feel…?
3. Diagnosis
4. Language and Labels
5. Support and Treatment
6. Attitudes
7. Living Your Life
8. Local Information
9. General Information


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