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Paris, terrorism and how not to do the Daesh fuckers dirty work for them.


On terrorism and refugees.

On playing into Daesh’s hands and doing their dirty work for them. Don’t, just don’t.

What Daesh really wants – it’s probably not what you think.

For clueless people who say Muslims don’t condemn terrorism.

Muslims Around The World Rally Against Extremist Antics Of Islamic State

Muslims launch anti-Daesh social media campaign.



Terrorism has no religion

On why demanding Muslims apologise is so fucking ridiculous.

Muslims around the world are condemning Paris attacks.

Six ways to keep terrorists from ruining the world.

Call ’em Daesh because they aren’t Islamic.

I’m sure I’ll find more to add to this.


Wankers Away

“Cunts are still running the world” – Jarvis Cocker

This country is currently being run by a bunch of wankers. They control parliament, the media and have a tight hold on “popular opinion” with their carefully crafted words of violence against the less fortunate people in society. They twist the facts, use deliberate lies, deception, demonisation, spin, manipulation and obfuscation to turn people against each other whilst they keep their privileged positions of wealth and control. This to me is wrong and I reckon we’d do much better as a society without them.

The almost completed Wankers Away artwork from the 2015 Out of Sight/Out of Mind SMHAFF exhibition at Summerhall. There are still two empty spaces on it. I think one is for Rik the Prick and I’m saving the last one. The newest addition is Philip Davies. The Tory MP who promised to speak up for Carers in parliament and did so. He deliberately spoke for 90 minutes so that a vote on free hospital parking for carers wouldn’t happen. He also wants a debate on an International Mens Day (19th November you ignorant piece of shit) and votes against any legislation that would force landlords to make their properties safe for human habitation. Guess where a chunk of his income come from? I emailed him to let him know I was adding him to this piece. He replied with five words, “Thank you – I am flattered”. Those words confirmed everything I already suspected about him.