A text dump rant. Pay no attention. You won’t like it.

This rant is being brought to you by Too Little Sleep, Too Much Energy Expended, Too Ill To Cope, and I’m Not Freaking Out About The Flecks Of Blood That I Coughed Up Yesterday, Honest! (It’s tiny amounts and most likely nothing but Evil Brain Pixies!) I hope it makes sense.

There was an article on cultural appropriation. A woman of colour wrote about why white belly dancers annoy her. What a friend of a friend, who saw the article across the table on my tablet, said to me in the pub was that if PoC don’t want white people doing belly dancing or Indian dancing then Scots should stop Americans from wearing kilts because it’s Exactly the same thing. *facepalm* There was other stuff too but I’m too tired to repeat every single bit of fail,

I tried to explain the power imbalance between white Scottish vs white American and white vs Middle Eastern/Indian but the moment I said privilege the snort told me everything I needed to know about my chances of success. I rolled my eyes and ignored them for the rest of the night.

Not wanting your culture twisted and ripped away from it’s actual origins (Indian dance is a form of worship!) and meaning is selfish according to some white people. “Why won’t the brown people share Mommy?” *sigh*

I am tired of fighting this fight. I’m tired of being expected to comment on behalf of ALL people of colour. And I’m tired of people expecting me to be nice about it.

If I go outside in the kind of clothing my grandmother used to wear, salwar kameez and saris, I get a shitload more abuse. White people can put “my” culture on like a costume and take it off again. People like me are stuck with it and the abuse all the time. We can’t take off our skin colour. We get accused of not assimilating but it’s perfectly ok for white people to do the things that mark us out as different!

Personally I don’t give a shit about dancing but the woman in the article, who is from that part of the world, is upset by it and who the fuck am I to invalidate her feelings.


Penny for your thoughts?

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