Bloody bus drivers

I get Disability Living Allowance. This entitles me to a +1 bus pass. This means my carer gets free travel too. The downside of this is that you sometimes get arsey drivers who don’t understand invisible disabilities. A couple of days ago I got the other kind of driver. The one who insists on talking to my Carer and not me. The bus we got was a “part route” bus but as we were only going a few stops that didn’t matter. The driver took one look at me and my pass and decided I wasn’t capable of human interaction so spoke to my carer and asked him if he’d realised the bus wasn’t going to its usual terminus. He said he did and it didn’t matter as we weren’t going far. It’s still annoying. The assumption that I wasn’t capable of understanding that. Grr.


Penny for your thoughts?

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