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***MISSING*** Please help.



One of my artworks from my “Keep Calm and Take Your Meds” installation went missing from the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival launch 9th September 2015 at the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh. It’s the Spiky Eeyore who is asking for a hug. I really, really need him back as this installation is supposed to go on display in October and it just won’t be the same without Spiky Eeyore. Please, please, please if you’ve accidentally wandered off with him could you return him. Contact me through this page or the people who run SMHAFF at and they’ll get him back to me. Or you can post him anonymously to

Lauren, c/o CAPS Independent Advocacy, Old Stables, Eskmills Park, Station Road, Musselburgh, EH21 7PQ



Bloody bus drivers

I get Disability Living Allowance. This entitles me to a +1 bus pass. This means my carer gets free travel too. The downside of this is that you sometimes get arsey drivers who don’t understand invisible disabilities. A couple of days ago I got the other kind of driver. The one who insists on talking to my Carer and not me. The bus we got was a “part route” bus but as we were only going a few stops that didn’t matter. The driver took one look at me and my pass and decided I wasn’t capable of human interaction so spoke to my carer and asked him if he’d realised the bus wasn’t going to its usual terminus. He said he did and it didn’t matter as we weren’t going far. It’s still annoying. The assumption that I wasn’t capable of understanding that. Grr.