Dreams can come true . . .

but this is one I’d rather did not come true. Unfortunately it’s looking more and more likely thanks to our Evil Tory Overlords.
A few years ago I had a nightmare in which the government commissioned a tv show called “Can’t Work Won’t Work.” It was a cross between Big Brother and Can’t Cook Won’t Cook. If you were selected you had to take part or you’d lose your benefits. Their aim was to prove that most people on benefits were scroungers who weren’t really ill. If you had been prescribed medication by either your doctor or their doctors you HAD to take it even if the side effects were unbearable or you’d be punished. Withholding food was one of the punishments. Laps or push-ups in torrential rain was another. I couldn’t keep up with any of it physically or mentally and I remember freaking out at one point and taking an overdose. This was on live TV. I think things went completely tits up after that.

At the time everyone said that sort of thing would never happen and at the time I mostly agreed with them. Now I’m almost certain this is the way we’re headed and it’s terrifying.


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