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Why I say Tory MPs are evil.

Today I officially learnt that my DLA award letter is not accurate. The letter claims my award is valid until 2019 but the JobcentrePlus man just told that isn’t so. My award will last until I get my PIP letter which he says will be very soon because of the area I’m in. So instead of being able to relax because I survived another Work Focused Interview, I’m freaking out because any time now I’m going to have to go through yet another assessment and I probably won’t get this one. Nothing about my condition has changed, I’m still fucking nuts but because the Government are compassionless cockweasels I’m unlikely to get the small amount of extra that makes life just about bearable because they’ve changed the goalposts again. I don’t like living like this. I started out as a medical student! I want to be well but this shit just makes me worse and vastly increases the amount of baseline anxiety so my sleep is fucked which increases anxiety etc and then I either can’t do anything or have to self harm if I want any relief. Nothing else works at that point so please don’t try suggesting anything.

It’s shit like this that makes me question the intelligence of Tory  and some other MPs. What they’re doing to people like me is completely counter-productive. Ok you could argue that a chunk of this is my fault because I should have appealed to get into the Support Group of ESA but the DWP’s scare tactics about possibly being found Fit For Work on appeal freaked me out too much and the stress of waiting over nine months for a decision was horrifying. This constant reassessment of people who aren’t going to get better because there’s no fucking treatment available for this  condition in this part of the country is ridiculous! It costs them money, it costs me in terms of poorer health and money because of dressings and TCP and my loved ones end up stressed to hell. This is why my most commonly used tags on Delicious are tories-are-evil, tories-hate-the-poor-and-disabled, and tories-want-the-poor-and-disabled-to-die. Anyone who thinks doing this to me and people like me is a good idea is EVIL!!!

Dreams can come true . . .

but this is one I’d rather did not come true. Unfortunately it’s looking more and more likely thanks to our Evil Tory Overlords.
A few years ago I had a nightmare in which the government commissioned a tv show called “Can’t Work Won’t Work.” It was a cross between Big Brother and Can’t Cook Won’t Cook. If you were selected you had to take part or you’d lose your benefits. Their aim was to prove that most people on benefits were scroungers who weren’t really ill. If you had been prescribed medication by either your doctor or their doctors you HAD to take it even if the side effects were unbearable or you’d be punished. Withholding food was one of the punishments. Laps or push-ups in torrential rain was another. I couldn’t keep up with any of it physically or mentally and I remember freaking out at one point and taking an overdose. This was on live TV. I think things went completely tits up after that.

At the time everyone said that sort of thing would never happen and at the time I mostly agreed with them. Now I’m almost certain this is the way we’re headed and it’s terrifying.