Lyricing lyrics.

To me, trying to understand song lyrics feels like when I see text in a dream but it𝔰 hอᵣd t₀ ᵣeₐd aกd 𝒾 canٖt fཱྀcu
Image from Randall Monroe of xkcd who nails it yet again.

Suede are playing Beautiful Ones on tv at the moment. The lead singer just told the crowd they know the words and got them to sing along. I’m sat wondering how the fuck anyone ever worked out the words to that song from hearing it. Mark says he can understand that from the live version but not the studio one. I ask him why are they singing about Enya and he says I’ve probably misheard those lyrics. To me Brett Anderson sings about Enya in this song. That’s what I hear. It’s probably why I think so many songs are really, really nice when they’re about death or abuse or war crimes and other nasty things. Mark get very confused by that. If the music is lovely then the song is usually lovely because the chances of me hearing the lyrics correctly are slim to none. This is why I get annoyed when bands don’t include lyrics in sleeve notes or refuse to put them on their websites. It’s all very well saying you want us to decide for ourselves (Ladytron) but if I did that then Beautiful Ones is about ENYA because it’s the one word I hear clearly!!! And I think some songs about abuse are lovely things and that has a tendency to upset people. Fortunately my real friends understand that I have tinnitus and a brain which turns “mince and pasta” into “mittens past it” at every opportunity but having to explain this gets old really quickly.


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