Fairground Attraction – Perfect?

Oh dear. After almost successfully deciding to give the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival​ exhibition a miss this year apart from two small pieces I appear to have been sucked back in. Of course I’m still heavily involved in organising it. That’ll never change. I blame Sally entirely for being sucked back into creating stuff. 😛

It looks like I’m doing a BPD Fairground. (I’ll have to be careful for avoid racist stereotypes but I think it’s doable.) I need your help. My memories of fairgrounds are pretty limited so if you could post rides and things you remember and, if you don’t mind me stealing them, potential ways of subverting them.

Ideas so far include:

1. Ferris/hamster wheel of going round and round and still not getting any services.

2. Haunted House/Ghost Train where the ghosts are paranoid/anxious/depressed/manic thoughts.

3. Mobius Strip rollercoaster with no way off.

4. Rigged hoopla/hook a duck/coconut shy being the welfare system.

5. Dodgems – stigma?

6. Waltzers – Mania/hypomania/dysphoria

7. Octopus –

8. Toxic Candy floss/dodgy food etc – medication.

Thoughts? Comments? Sectioning?

I’m slightly concerned that I’m doing the same thing over and over again. It’s pretty much what I did in my clock then my dolls and then my books but it’s essentially the same stuff again. Same shit, different medium. Is that going to get boring?


4 thoughts on “Fairground Attraction – Perfect?

  1. It would be so great if you could get off the metaphorical ferris wheels and find your way to the sights and sounds of a local fairground for a day–complete with the pink cotton candy and ‘dodgy food’ 🙂 I always loved them as a kid. I loved watching the people go past as I sat and drank in the atmosphere.

    1. I just need to find one I can get to 🙂
      I haven’t been to the “shows” as we called them when I was a kid since I was a kid! I’ll need to locate one near Edinburgh.

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