Lauren and the cucumber.

From a comment I posted earlier on a friend’s post about being short. At 5ft 4in I’m not that short but items at the back of the top shelf in a supermarket are out of reach. 

About a month ago I used a cucumber to reach two pack of pre-packaged watermelon from the top shelf of the refridgerated shelves in Sainsburys, my local supermarket. I wanted one and so did another lady who was standing beside me just staring at them. She went off to find a tall employee while I took a cucumber out of my basket. She arrived back with a tall, male employee who did his best not to laugh or say anything at the sight of me having just retrieved two packs of watermelon with a cucumber. He left rather abruptly, possibly due to me saying something along the lines of “I don’t need a man, I have a cucumber!”


Penny for your thoughts?

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