Annoyances and paranoia

Dear Facebook,

You can fuck right off with forcing “suggested friends” on me with no way to remove it from my feed. I really didn’t need to see the secondary account of someone I blocked for racism.

No love,


Same goes to the old woman who deliberately rammed into me as hard as she could yesterday evening just after I’d finished the book launch. Why? Because otherwise she would have had to move behind her friend as I was stood on the pavement talking to my friends. No, I’m lying. There was plenty of room for her and her friend to walk beside each other. She just rammed into me as hard as she could because my standing on the pavement obviously offended her. Fortunately my friend stopped me from smashing my face open on the pavement. This was witnessed by three people including my mum. Do I have a sign above my head in ink which is only visible to the scum of society which say, “Kick me”? It’s beginning to feel like it. 


Penny for your thoughts?

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